Creating a Promotional Pop-Up

Last updated December 2, 2017


  1. Before you begin
  2. Pop-ups and SEO
  3. Step 1 - Choose a layout
  4. Step 2 - Choose an action (newsletter or button)
  5. Step 3 - Add text
  6. Step 4 - Choose how the pop-up appears
  7. Step 5 - Add an image
  8. Step 6 - Customize the style
  9. Step 7 - Enable or disable
  10. FAQ

You can create a pop-up that appears when visitors land on your site to collect emails, advertise a promotion, or drive traffic to content. With multiple layouts and styles to choose from, you can design it to match your brand and stand out how you want, from a full-page overlay to a subtle bottom bar. You can set when and where the pop-up displays through different timing and display rules.

Promotional Pop-Ups are great for: 

This guide reviews the steps to create and style a Promotional Pop-Up and different ways you can use it with your site.